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I found two that gave me hope: pygatt and bleak. I have tried both on Windows and Linux, and failed, therefore I gave up on this after a couple of days of tinkering. The only option left I could see was that of "biting the bullet" and go implementing the GATT client on a NXP QN9080DK board that I had laying around from some older project. I ...
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After plug your BGAPI dongle, you can try the following python code: import pygatt || adapter = pygatt.BGAPIBackend() || adapter.start() #start your dongle || adapter.scan() # you will get a result of nearby ble devices || device = adapter.connect(’xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx’)#input the device address you want to connect to || – Archiles heel Apr 28 '17 at 13:55
-berkdb bluetooth build elibc_uclibc examples gdbm hardened ipv6 l10n_et-EE libressl +lto +ncurses +pgo +readline sqlite +ssl test +threads tk +wide-unicode wininst +xml
Si queréis, os dejo el código que necesitaréis en MySQL para crear esta tabla, que al final es muy sencilla, tiene 7 campos, donde se almacena el nombre de la planta, la temperatura, la humedad, la luz en luxes, la conductividad, lo que le queda de batería y la fecha de cuando hizo el chequeo. Using PyGATT is extremely easy, I just added in my Python program a Tornado Websocket server in order to communicate between this program and the browser-based dashboard. What you can see on the video is the result of the SensorTag took from rest, put under a light during a few seconds and put back to rest. Fantastic. I bought this to use with pygatt & python 2.7 on Windows 10. Software note: The pygatt module needs some tweaking to handle windows removing/re-creating the serial port on reset, but that's not an issue with the hardware. 2. Using pygatt. I installed pygatt, but I suspect that I need a USB adapter to use the Bluegiga backend. I posted a question about his on Stack Overflow. 3. Using Windows BLE explorer. I installed Windows BLE explorer. I was able to connect to my device (see screenshot below) but I do not know how to identify the service associated with clock ...
For Windows development, an alternative could be to use PyGatt with a BlueGiga dongle. Getting started. Follow the instructions on Adafruit's website to install the library. The library uses Apple's PyObjC Python library to interact with CoreBluetooth. Apple includes this library with the version of Python installed with macOS.环境与资源 windows 开发环境 python 2.7 pygatt Bluegiga 的 BLED112 Bluetooth Smart Dongle 闲扯 背景, 需要在windows上做一款基于BLE通讯的软件. 第一反应, 痛苦. 使用的是 Bluegiga 的BLE方案, 协议栈芯片内置, 串口通讯即可, 并寻得 bglib 这么一个python库 ... This program is available on Windows, as well as any computer using Linux. Is there a better alternative? Given how old the software is, there are multiple alternatives that are easier to use and understand. Some examples include Arcade Starter Engine and Godot Game Engine.
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