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Standalone Bluetooth Access Control. S6-EM. Metal Standalone EM Reader. S2-EM. Standalone Economical Reader. S2-MF. Standalone Mifare Reader. S5-EM. Metal Standalone ...
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There are some options for Nissan products using the Nistune daughterboard, but traditionally there have been very few options for Toyota. In general due to the age of the engines/vehicles you're talking about and the relative simplicity of their ECU installations, I'd be more inclined to recommend a standalone aftermarket ECU.
1375 USD. AEM Version 2 ECU PNP for JZX100/JZZ30 VVTi 1JZ-GTE. This is a brand new Version2 AEM standalone, and a plug and play 1JZ-GTE adapter harness that fits the JZX100 engine harness and some other VVTi 1JZ-GTE engine harnesses that have 4 ecu connectors with 4 rows of...
2jzge. 2JZ-GE vs 2JZ-GTE: Which One is Really Better? 2JZGE VS 2JZGTE. plus three ways to Turbocharge the GE engine using GTE ECU. PROS CONS. When this video hits 500 ...
Thanks guys thats what I needed to know. I'm just waiting to hear back from JWT about using a 96 ECU in a 2000. I think I'm going to give them a call rite now. If I can't get the JWT, I think I'll have to get SAFC2 If I'm spending 2k on standalone I might as well just go turbo. 2JZGE VS 2JZGTE. plus three ways to Turbocharge the GE engine using GTE ECU. PROS CONS. Кулак дружбы в 4х местах 2JZGE TOYOTA Достойно ушел, навсегда АВТОШПИОН.
Oct 20, 2010 · The last thing is want is to deal with some crappy piggyback controller or spend 2K on a standalone. I'm spoiled. I am not having any luck finding any info regarding the position of the trigger wheels. It easily matches the functionality of other stand-alone management systems with multiple inputs and outputs. Unlike many other ECU systems, the EMU Black has built-in wideband lambda input (Bosch LSU 4.2, and LSU 4.9 sensors wire directly in), MAP control connector (4 bar MAP sensor on board), 2 EGT probe inputs and an input to directly ...
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